Social Issues

I read the meaning of social control by Peter Berger and I have some qustions about it.

  1. Define Social Control.
  2. Explain how economic mechanisms or constraints can be effective forms of social control. Under what circumstances might economic constraints be more or less effective?
  3. There are various forms of social control including violence, politics, economic structers, social ostracism or isolation, and moral constraints. If you had to rank these from most to least effective, how would you do it? Why?
  4. In our everyday interactions, we face numerous constraints on our behavior, Berger mentions occupation as one of these. If you assume that your occupation is that of “student,” explain how this role may serve as a mechanism of social control.
  5. Peer groups also constrain our behavior. Explain how this happens. How does peer group compare with family unit as a source of social control?

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