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Please write a 3 pages paper by following needs. Plz read the assignment document first.
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Backgrounder on a Social Issue Paper Topic: The student will use this paper assignment to explore the background on a social problem or policy issue of his or her choice. The paper should serve as a tool for basic education of the students’ peers on the chosen social issue. The student can choose a broad issue, such as global warming, or a more specific community issue, such as budget reductions in their home town. We may select the topic: Texting while driving. But you can choose another one if you think that would be better to write. Paper Content: The paper should cover the following three areas: –Definition of the social issue or problem. This can be done concisely with the help of statistics, such as changes in crime rates, comparisons of dollar figures, or falling performance measures. –Historical context: How has this situation come about? What were previous conditions in this social area? What events have made the situation what it is today? –Resolution: Some of the policy ideas under discussion to solve the social problem or respond to the issue. What are (1 to 3) these ideas? How might they work? Which one(s) do you favor, and why? Who will be responsible for carrying out the idea—government, the business sector, the non-profit sector, or a combination? Other Guidance: In this short paper, devote your writing to the most interesting and significant of the three topics, but do cover all three. Deeper analysis of the social concern that the student identified in the first paper. This paper should include the background political and demographic elements underlying the problem, the important historical factors underlying the case, and the important involvement of governmental, business, and non-profit sectors to deal with the situation. (3 – 4 pages)