Social Interaction: With Emphasis on the Democratic Republic of the Congo: Chapter eBoo

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1″ Social Interaction: With Emphasis on the Democratic Republic of the Congo: Chapter eBook Overview Recently I watched a movie on HBO called, “Yesterday.”  This simple, profound movie was about how HIV/AIDS affected one family in a village in South Africa. 

The wife, Yesterday, lived in the village with her daughter, Beauty.  The father and husband, John, worked in a mine in Johannesburg.  Yesterday had been feeling badly for 6 months or so and needed to go to the clinic, miles away from her village.  Although her village had a village healer, she chose not to go to this traditional healer. 

After many walking trips to the clinic, she was finally able to see the white, female doctor.  This doctor diagnosed Yesterday with the HIV virus and wanted her to talk with her husband.  Yesterday went to the city, spoke with her husband about the virus and he proceeded to beat her.  After this, she returned to the village.  Months later, John showed up at his village home emaciated, sick, and humiliated—he, too had the virus. 

The village didn’t want him to remain in the community, so Yesterday built a rickety shack, made out of car pieces, old wood, and metal so her husband could die there, in peace.   I mention this movie because it depicts very powerfully the impact of HIV/AIDS on a family’s life.  If you ever get the chance to see this movie I highly recommend it!  Another bit of information before we get into the chapter—did you know the Democratic Republic of the Congo was also known as Belgian Congo (1893-1960) and Zaire (1960-1997). 

Actually, many countries have been called something else in a different time period, ruled by different groups—hence, political maps!  Anyway, let’s see what Chapter 5 is all about. This chapter presents how context, situation and language—verbal and non-verbal can influence meaning. …

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