Social Inequality: historical or cultural context

Describe each of your selected examples, including

1) information about its creator; 2) its historical or cultural context (how it fits into a historical period’s or a specific culture’s attitudes, events etc. Think about what else was going on in the culture and history when the piece was created) 3) link to the example or an embedded image with a citation in the paper where you write about each example. Use at least one specific interpretative tool from the course to explain each of your selected examples. You should use a different tool for each example, so you should use at least three different tools in your paper. Assess the effectiveness or impact of each representation. In other words, how well did the representation present the subject? How effective was it? What impact did this representation have? What specific elements of the representation lead you to your conclusions? Provide a correctly formatted paper, complete and proper citations for any references you consult, using APA format.

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