SOC450 – Discussion Post & Peer Response

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Part 1:

The Cost of Natural Resources

As Hite and Seitz (2016) show in Chapter 4: Energy, the world is in the midst of an energy crisis as it concerns the rapid use and depletion of nonrenewable natural resources.

According to the textbook, “Many experts predict that the largest increase in demand for oil in the coming years will come from increasingly industrialized economies with large populations…” (p. 140)

Can this be offset by measures taken in developed nations to address the energy–climate crisis? Why or why not? What potential strategies could be used to reduce the demand for energy in industrialized economies with large populations?

Review the posts of your classmates and respond to at least one other post, offering a substantive comment on that classmate’s position on the issue(s).

Part 2: Respond to peer’s post (5 – 10 sentences)

Peer’s Post: “Hello everyone,

For such a long time now, our planet has been experiencing a rapid growth of the human population. With that being said, it should come as no surprise that we have more people on the earth using more fossil fuel to generate more energy consumption. Our natural resources are being depleted. What can we do to either stop or reverse this process from taking place? Addressing such measures in developing nations is, in my opinion, the very first place to start. Education is the fundamental key to begin helping people and governments to make great strides in the reduction of natural resources. Regardless of how one country feels towards another, we all share this planet. It is our home. In order to preserve our planet for our posterity, we must begin now to take steps to reduce the demand for natural resources.

If all of the nations of the earth begin now to reduce or eliminate the human footprint on the earth, we can all enjoy a cleaner atmosphere. Earth is the only planet we know that can sustain life. If we destroy this planet, what hope is there for future generations? It has been said before, “We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors. We borrow it from our grandchildren.” I don’t know where the quote came from. However, there is certainly a great deal of truth in it. It just makes sense to come together and agree to cooperate in the effort to halt climate change.”

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