Write a coherent, referenced, researched paper of 7-10 pages on ONE of the topics listed in the syllabus. Also, this topic can be related to an issue relevant to a topic on the syllabus where an evident parallel/comparison can be drawn. You need to introduce the Topic with a clearly stated thesis at the end of the introductory paragraph. In your analysis, make sure to refer to the reading so that a clear demonstration of understanding between the author and your perspective is clear. Do not simply summarize the author or just retelling what you have read. The analysis should be specific, detailed, and supportive in response to your thesis. You are required to use textual evidence to support your claims, but remember that you should use the source effectively, and quote only when necessary and quote only as much as it is needed. When you use the source, be sure to introduce the author, offer a succinct summary of the point you want to make. In addition, when using sources whether it is a direct quotation or a paraphrase, follow the rules of in-text citation used in your discipline (interested or declared major). Be careful about the punctuations. At the end of the paper, on a separate page give a Work Cited, Reference or Bibliography page listing the source you have used (See the example from entry at the end of any of the reading selection). In order to receive credit for the FINAL PAPER assignment, you need to submit the Mid-Term paper and go through a writing-revision process before completing the Final Paper. This will be the result of a couple draft at minimum. – Make an outline and write the thesis statement – Write the first draft, revise and edit it by yourself; – Get a peer to reviewer or a classmate or visit the writing center – Revise and edit the draft according to the comments and suggestions made by the reviewer. The paper (both the draft and the revised version) should be prepared using a word processing program and turned in on the due date. Handwritten papers and late papers are NOT acceptable. The paper will be judged both on how well it responds to the topic and on the quality of the writing. Be careful about writing conventions and basic grammar. Always introduce terms and offer definition first before using pronoun to describe your ideas. Do not overuse pronouns. Be sure to edit and proofread for errors before you hand in the paper. Grading (Final Paper Only) A – Given to work that is particularly interesting and competent and has addressed proficiently the recommendation from the midterm. Work at the A level stands out not only in a certain sense of authority, but also in its “polish” and control of the conventions of academic writing: the writer engages sources successfully, follows convention of citation accurately, and makes very few errors in written English. B – Given to work that is successful in responding to the assignment and manifests independent thinking, answering/proving the thesis statement and has addressed competently the recommendation from the midterm. Writing is coherently organized. It uses and documents source material, mostly, appropriately. Although it has some errors in written English, the writing is easily readable. To receive a grade of B, you the student should: • Submit papers in appropriate format • Punctuate titles and spell authors’ name correctly • Follow appropriate citation format • Edit for spelling, grammar, and punctuation C – Given to work that completes the assignment in an acceptable fashion, addressing and dealing with the task at hand and has addressed adequately the recommendation from the midterm. Source material may not always be integrated successfully, but it does not show inadvertent plagiarism. Ideas might not always be coherently organized or clearly expressed. Students show problems with editing their writing successfully. D – Given to work that shows effort in responding to the assignment, but it does not fully meet the requirement (the focus, the development, the length, etc.) and has addressed somewhat the recommendation from the midterm. It has consistent problems regarding to the organization, use of the source material, and language skills.

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