Should non-communicable diseases be framed as problems that demand response from the national security community?

BACKGROUND: Please see additional materials attached to this order. You must review, read, and cite from the assigned 3 readings. To begin, let’s keep in mind, quotations and citations are different. Quotations are actual words/sentences (verbatim) from the reading.Citations, on the other hand, are references of where the information came from within the reading. You may ONLY incorporate citations into your paper. Do NOT quote from the readings. All the citations will be checked for accuracy, therefore, you MUST reference/cite the proper page numbers. This is crucial. If the citations are incorrect, the paper will be returned for immediate revision. Each citation should include the author’s last name and page number from the reading. For example, citations should look exactly like this: (Andrew et al, p. 188) or (Barnett, p. 23). When writing your paper you MUST make more than 20 citations. You will make a minimum of 4 citations per page. Again, this paper requires multiple citations and references (20 or more in total). Use the Chicago format of writing with in-text parenthetical citations. Do NOT use footnotes. You must use the attached 3 readings for your paper AND you must ALSO incorporate 4 outside sources. However, these 4 outside sources must be credible, academic/scholarly in nature, and come from relevant global health related academic journals or articles. Again, you will use an additional 4 outside scholarly/academic sources. Therefore, you MUST use the attached assigned 3 readings and four outside scholarly journals/articles of your choice. You must follow these instructions! Do NOT falsify information, citations, or page numbers. This assignment is for a global health course.

ASSIGNMENT/QUESTIONS: Write a 5-page (no shorter) expert report/policy report paper on non-communicable diseases (NCDs). NCDs are the leading cause of death and disability worldwide. Many argue that prevention and control of NCDs and their risk factors are critical for global health security. The growing risk of exposure to diseases, coupled with the threat of NCDs, creates a situation in which health and security are interacting with greater frequency and intensity. This development parallels efforts to redefine the concept of security to encompass new global challenges such as demographic crises and noncommunicable diseases (NCDs). To what extent does health fit this new security agenda? What are the major linkages between health and security in relation to NCDs? Should non-communicable diseases be framed as problems that demand response from the national security community? How does the “securitization of health” affect the governance of particular health problems? Conversely, how do the discussions and debates on health security transform our understanding of security in the contemporary world? Your paper should be specifically address new or current issues of NCDs and its implications and impacts on security and global health. Essentially, you are asked to help policy makers understand a particular global health issue (NCDs) and its development with security implications.

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