short story

short story Description Final project: 300 points (50 proposal and bibliography + 250 short story). You will conceptualize, research, propose, and craft an original work of Afrofuturist fiction. This project should demonstrate your knowledge of key components of literature, including setting and world-building, characterization and perspective, plot and conflict, and action, gesture, introspection, and dialogue. This final project may be any length, so long as it tells a compelling and well-developed story that you believe needs to be told. In general, stories tend to run 12-15 pages; I typically receive several of 30+ pages each term. Developing this project will take up the majority of the final month of the course. As you conceptualize your project, you will construct a brief proposal and annotated bibliography; you and I will meet to discuss your ideas and research as you begin writing. You’ll be given class time to work on and workshop various stages of your short story before submitting the final version.

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