Service Learning Project ((Health Care))

Students will select a social problem that is most important to them. Students conduct research about the problems they have selected. Students should pick an elected official or an organization who they think will be able to take action on this issue. Students are required to write a report. Use the readings, case studies, and lectures from this class, and incorporate content from independent research as appropriate.

Paper must be a minimum of eight pages, but no more than twelve pages. Proper citation is required. Students must have the topics approved by the professor before the date they are due. All papers should be type written, and formatted in the following manner: Font – Times New Roman, Size 12. Double Spaced, Including Page Numbers, Student’s Name and Paper Topic on the front page. (Make sure to follow these guidelines. Failure to do so will result in point deduction from your paper grade – 2pts for the wrong font, 2pts for the wrong size, 2pts for spacing, 2pts for page numbers, 2pts for missing name, 2pts for missing topic) All sources used should be properly cited (including books, articles, Internet sources). Students have the option to cite their work in APA, MLA, or Chicago. NOTE: Not citing your sources is considered plagiarism, and is a serious offense. Therefore, it is very important to cite your sources, following the indicated guidelines.

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