sequel to the whale rider book

Description • demonstrate an understanding The Whale Rider, by Witi Ihimaera • write a creative replication, keeping in mind the original style and structure of the original work • demonstrate an understanding of literary devices • make predictions about a sequel, based on student insights and analyses Key Question: How might Kahu preserve the Maori tradition of being one with nature, yet accommodate to the changes that come with societal progress? Assignment: Students will write two original chapters in an imaginary sequel to The Whale Rider, in the style of the original novel. The piece should include one chapter that imitates the narrative voice of the whales, and one chapter that imitates the narrative voice of Rawiri. Students are encouraged to use phrases in the Maori language, as well as literary devices including (but not limited to) similes, metaphors, personification, and imagery. Students should aim for 500 words for each “chapter.” Grading Criteria: Objective B: Organizing Objective C: Producing Text Objective D: Using Language • Employ organizational structures that serve the context and intention (i) • Organize opinions and ideas in a logical manner (ii) • Produce texts that demonstrate thought and imagination while exploring new perspectives and ideas arising from personal engagement with the creative process (i) • Make stylistic choices in terms of linguistic, literary and visual devices, demonstrating awareness of impact on an audience (ii) • Use appropriate and varied vocabulary, sentence structures and forms of expression (i) • Write in an appropriate style (ii) • Use correct grammar, syntax and punctuation (iii) • Spell and write with accuracy (iv) Criterion A: Level Earned Criterion B: Level Earned Criterion D: Level Earned

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