Select a micronutrient that has mandatory fortification in Australia and provide a critique of.

Select a micronutrient that has mandatory fortification in Australia and provide a critique of mandatory fortification in Australia. The report is to include the following:• Historical need for the chosen micronutrient fortification• Populations at risk of the chosen micronutrient deficiency• Policy implications of implementation.• Critical assessment of the methods used to monitor the chosen micronutrient intake• Effectiveness of micronutrient implementation and recommendation for ongoing fortification.12 | HAS 938 SUBJECT OUTLINE SPRING 2018Weighting30% of final GradeFormat / Length / DurationReport: 1,500words, excluding references and tablesAssessment CriteriaAssessment 4 will be marked using the following criteria: Total marks /301. Executive summary – 100 words /22. Introduction (Overview of micronutrient fortification) /33. Main Body of report (20 marks)a) Background review of need and implementation of mandatory fortification /5b) Critical assessment of methods required to monitor the micronutrient in the population /6c) Review of outcomes of mandatory fortification /4d) Recommendations and policy implication based on existing evidence for ongoing fortification /54. Conclusion /25. Writing style, layout, flow, referencing /3Subject Learning Outcomes Assessed3. Assess the nutritional status and food consumption patterns of the Australian population using available survey data.4. Identify practical uses of surveillance data, such as in the evaluation of dietary guidelines, revision of food selection guides, development of fortification programmes and prioritization of nutrition interventions.6. Critically evaluate the validity of dietary assessment methods.7. Discuss issues related to food and nutrition monitoring and surveillance, in written form, online and in small group activities.Method of SubmissionAssessment to be submitted online through Turnitin on the Moodle siteThis assessment task has been set up to be checked by Turnitin, a tool for checking if it has unreferenced content. You can submit your assessment task to Turnitin prior to the due date and Turnitin will give you an originality report. You can then make any changes that may be required and re-submit you final version by the due date

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