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Outline Your paper should address the following points. These bullets may be used as section headings in your paper, but are not required to be. • Introduction: Give a brief background/history of the technology. What is the technology? Why is it interesting? How is it used and who uses it, etc.? How does the technology compare to previous technologies that served a similar purpose? • How It Works: Give a high-level description of how the technology works. Of course, you are not expected to understand or discuss all details of the technology. • Problem Statement: Give, as clearly as possible, a description of a role mathematics has in the technology. Try to formulate it as a precise problem statement or question. For example, in our discussion of GPS, we formulated the precise problem of determining the number of satellites needed to identify your location. • Math Concept(s): What math concept(s) can be/are used to address your problem statement? You do not necessarily need to solve the problem statement; but you should discuss how these math concept(s) work toward solving it. You are encouraged to illustrate each concept with a small example. Make sure your math concept is not a physics or engineering concept in disguise (for example), and is discussed at a level suitable for AMS 103 (e.g., familiarity with calculus cannot be assumed). Math concepts include geometry, statistics, number theory, coordinate systems, optimization problems, information theory, inverse problems, algorithmic analysis, graph theory, integrals, differential equations, and many others. Arithmetic and an equation are too trivial of math concepts for this assignment.

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