Rooms Division Management

Write an academic essay addressing each of the points below. Arguably, since the attack on the World Trade Centre on September 11th 2001, safety and security in the hospitality industry and hotels have undergone much change. A report and survey titled, ‘50% of Hoteliers Have Not Increased Investment in Security – More than a Year After the September 11 Attacks’, was provided by Hotel-Online, available at: This survey was also referred to in Bardi (2011), the recommended text book for this subject. In the survey report, the editor of HOTEL Asia Pacific and organiser of the survey Steve Shellum, said: “Whether due to lack of funds, complacency or an ‘it-can’t-happen-here’ mentality, the lack of commitment to ensuring the safety of staff, guests and property is not just scary, it is an indictment on the industry.”

Various incidents that have impacted on the safety, security and emergency procedures of the hospitality industry; and in some cases questioned the ethics of individual organisations, have been discussed during the lectures. 1. Research and briefly summarise a security incident in hotels that has taken place since 2010. 2. Analyse how these incidents have formed legislation and shaped safety, security and emergency procedures for hospitality organisations (and/or related industries) that are serious about their safety and security commitment to their guests and staff. (Hint: you may find that a Risk Matrix is helpful in this case. If you do use the Risk Matrix, include it in your appendix.) 3. Compare your findings with the survey results and determine if safety and security measures and ethical behaviour has improved in hospitality venues, or if the status quo remains.

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