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Quiz 2 Comm 300: Communication Theory PART I: Multiple Choice (1 point each) Directions: Below are 30 multiple choice questions. Please indicate the best answer from the selections given. Symbolic Interaction Theory Symbolic interaction theory argues that meaning can only exist when people share common interpretations of the symbols they exchange in an interaction occurs between people is affected by society all of the above none of the above According to Mead, one of the most critical activities people accomplish through thought is projection role taking the Pygmalion effect the concept of mind The looking-glass self is best defined as the mental image others have of us the mental image we have of ourselves the mental image we have of how others see us the mental image of the physical attributes we observe True or False? One of Mead’s ontological assumptions is that human communication is social. true false Coordinated Management of Meaning Coordinated management of meaning refers to how individuals establish rules for creating and interpreting meaning refers to how rules are used in a conversation assumes that humans cocreate reality all of the above Which of the following is a speech act? a compliment an insult a sarcastic remark all of the above Deanna and her son Aidan are talking about manners. Deanna tells Aidan, “Cover your mouth when you sneeze.” This is an example of which type of rule? constitutive unwarranted regulative patterned True or False? CMM is an example of a Laws Approach to theory building. true false Cognitive Dissonance Theory Cognitive dissonance can be defined as the feeling people have when they do things that don’t fit with what they believe the feeling people have when some of their opinions do not fit with other opinion they hold the feeling people have when their actions are congruent with what they know both a and b none of the above You believe that smoking is dangerous to your health; and…

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