Retail Assignment: What is the depth and breadth of merchandise offered ?

Assignment guidelines: You are to visit two brick-and-mortar fashion be categorized in two of the following categories: Department Store, Store, and/or Boutique. Take pictures of the two stores, inside and outside of the retailer. Include the pictures in the report.

The written report should be 3 pages double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 fomt with 1″ margins. You ill not need to cite any references for this report. Use your textbook, Chapters 17 and 18, to refer to the following terms to describe each of the retail organizations: Describe the Merchandising Policies that you observe in each of the stores: 1-Fashion Cycle Stage 2- Level of quality of the merchandise in the stores 3- Price range of the merchandise offered (use price zone terms of Moderate, Mass,Designer, Bridge, Better) 4- What is the depth and breadth of merchandise offered ? 5- Is there a feeling of exclusivity with the merchandise offered? is there a private label apparel ?

6- Can you distinguish any brand policies? List 3 to 4 brands that are offered in the store. collection offered in the store? What differentiates the merchandise in this store from other retailers? Describe the Operational Policies that you observe in each of the stores: 1- Describe the ambiance you experience in the store. Discuss any sensory retailing you notice while in the store ewironment. 2- What do you notice about customer service? 3- How did you experience selling services in each of the stores? Engage with a sales associate to learn more about each of the store’s relationship merchandising and management policies. 4- What are the promotions that are currently being offered in each of the stores? 5- Is there a loyalty program or a frequent shopper plan in the stores? 6- Where is the store located? How is it situated with other retailers? Include pictures from your visit to each of the stores in your report. *the pictures of the two retailers will be attached *please do some research on the two retailers to answer the questions above. *there are two parts of the questions above (merchandising and operational) and focus on that. *please use educated fashion terminology.

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