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I believe the only real way to deter and respond to the unknown enemy is to not only always maintain readiness, but to look ready. If we don’t look ready then we can’t deter those who are planning on attacking us, and if we aren’t ready when we do get attacked then we’ll suffer a great loss. We need to have armed guards protecting important government assets such as air crafts, nuclear weapons, dams, power plants, and other important assets that may be a target for terrorists. I personally don’t like TSA, because it makes the airport more difficult than it must be however, I’m happy to have it because I’m sure it deters international and domestic terrorist attacks. Another idea we need to investigate is having local law enforcement conduct a daily walking patrol of our schools. It doesn’t have to be long only for roughly 15 minutes, but this will help prevent some of the school shootings done by domestic terrorists. Furthermore, I believe that responsible gun owners (key word responsible) are an asset as well. I don’t mind level headed individuals who know how to use a weapon open-carrying, because they’ll be an asset if someone plans on becoming an active shooter; however, if ignorant individuals with no gun training are open-carrying that can cause more issues because if they get into a minor argument over a parking spot they can kill someone. This kind of thing happens in Arizona. I believe one of the biggest obstacles we face is complacency. Most of the people in America from law enforcement and military to civilians go on with our lives not expecting an attack so we’re not prepared for it. I believe that we should all be prepared for it just in case, because we never know when someone will be an active shooter or when an explosive device will go off (The White House Washington, 2003).

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The white House Washington. (2003, February). The physical protection of critical infrastructures and key assets. Homeland Security.

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