Research project . (Social Science

Research Project Assignment

Note: You must submit your Research Proposal assignment to your tutor for ethical review and obtain your tutor’s feedback before you proceed with data collection.Length: 12–15 pagesWeight: 25% of your final gradeDate due: Upon completion of Unit 16 and after executing the study in the Research Proposal assignment, Weeks 21 and 22 of the suggested study schedule
Instructions: Execute the study in your Research Proposal assignment (i.e., collect the data), and write an analysis of the findings. The research project should address the following:

Include all the elements addressed in the proposal. Remember to change the tenses. Describe what was done compared to what was intended. For example, describe how the data were collected, the duration of the study, etc. Describe the findings (quantitative): Summarize the data describing the attributes of the respondents. Use frequency distribution tables, charts, or graphs to summarize the data. Use both nominal and percentage values in frequency distribution tables.ORDescribe the findings (qualitative) using relevant themes and concepts.

Analysis: Integrate the literature review in discussing the findings. For example, are there similarities between the literature and the data? Are there differences? For students testing a causal relationship between variables, will the hypothesis be accepted or rejected? Project Analysis: Identify and discuss the weaknesses in the design and execution of the study, and describe how these weaknesses could be corrected in future studies. This section demonstrates your astuteness in identifying problems with research designs and how these problems can be rectified.
The essay must be double-spaced, in 12-point font, with standard 1.25-inch margins on the top, bottom, left and right. The essay must have a cover page with the title of the assignment, your name, and your student ID. Use APA style for all in-text citations and references. Visit the Write Site for detailed information about APA style. Submit your work using the assignment link in Moodle. Students who do not follow these guidelines will be penalized.
Plagiarism: Plagiarism is a form of academic misconduct prohibited by Athabasca University’s regulations, and these regulations also set out sanctions against offenders. Plagiarism occurs when a student uses the words or ideas of another person without giving proper credit.
Evaluation Sheet for the Research Project Assignment

Introduction/research (10 points) Literature review/theoretical framework (5 points) Context of study and study populations (5 points) Sampling Ideal (10 points) Pilot (5 points)
Methods, data collection, and ethics (10 points) Findings Summary, frequency tables, charts or graph (20 points) Discussion and integration of literature (15 points)
Project analysis (10 points) Format (10 points) In-text citation and references