request for proposals

For this assignment, your group will research and write an informal recommendation report
in memo format. You will begin by writing a proposal in response to the attached request
for proposals. Then, you will complete the research and report, and present your findings in
an oral poster presentation at the end of the term.
1. Scenario
Debate exists over the value of using technology in student learning at university. Examples
are quite diverse and include things like tablets for notetaking, texting apps for classroom
participation, websites like Moodle, video game lessons, online tutorial chats, and online
learning. It’s difficult to know what helps and what hinders learning.
2. Request for Proposals:
The TRU Student Union must develop an official policy and set of guidelines for the use
and limitation of technology in post-secondary classroom. To aid this, TRUSU is seeking
research into the challenges and opportunities for incorporating technology into student
learning at the post-secondary level.
Expected deliverable for this project will be a 1200-word report synthesizing current
research into positive and negative impact of technology in the post-secondary context and
recommendations to help TRUSU establish a policy and guidelines.
TRUSU understands the wide range of research and approaches to this field of study.
Therefore, we welcome carefully scoped proposals that clearly indicate the range and limits
of the study.

3.Proposals to complete this research must include the following headings:
• Introduction and Background
• Statement of Approach
• Scope with preliminary reading/research list
• Project management approach
o Timeline with development phases for key deliverables
o Assignment of responsibility
• Biographies for key participants


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