Religious Site Visit Paper

 This project consists of a site visit to a religious service of which you are not familiar to analyze how gender and sexual identity functions in worship services and in the lived faith of Americans. The paper is 1000-1500 words. The place choosen  is Metropolitan Community Church. Below is the website to it homepage. Please do some research for better understanding then just make up some real facts to write about. The Religious Site Visit Paper should be an analysis, not a summary. For example, students should not go to a synagogue and describe the surroundings as they would a cafe. Rather, for Religious Site Visit Papers, if you attend the celebration of a Jewish holiday (the weekly Sabbath or Shabbat is actually a weekly holiday in the Jewish tradition), describe the specifics of the event (i.e., who was there? what rituals did they do? who led each ritual? were the leaders wearing formal or informal clothing? what was the perceived gender of the service leader? what did you think about the rituals? were you welcomed as an ‘outsider’?). If you have a conversation with someone before a prayer service takes place, do not report discussing such irrelevant things such as the weather. Rather, focus on the surroundings/symbols in the building where the event took place and discuss how this reflects the ethos of the community. Your analysis should be scholarly and relate to the topics covered in lectures and course readings. A mere description of the surroundings and rituals without an analysis will be returned and will be considered incomplete work. Think of yourself as an ethnographer, a scholar doing field work in a religious community in order to better understand them (and yourself). – aside from the questions above, also analyze the way in which the “sanctuary” or worship space is designed. How is the space itself queer, if at all? – aside from the questions above, analyze how different this place is from others you have visited. In what ways? Finally, if you can arrange to meet with someone from the congregation before or after, prepare five to ten questions to ask the individual you are interviewing. Make sure to begin the RSVP with a one paragraph (3-5 sentence) summary regarding the background of the individual being interviewed. Then write out each question in bold, followed by the individual’s answer for that question. Please end the paper with a one paragraph summary analyzing the interviewee’s responses

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