Relate the book to its relations with globalization and its relation to it. Must make a book.

Relate the book to its relations with globalization and its relation to it.Must make a book review, guidelines are attached below. 1200 word, APA format. Make sure to relate back the topic of the book to globalization. Include something you don’t agree with, a counterargument, and then change it to your perspective. The book isThe Quest: Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World by Daniel Yergin
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!1 Than GLOBALIZATION – SOC 31141 Book Review Guidelines Updated September, 2018 Length Reviews should typically be approximately 800-1200 words. If you believe that a book deserves a considerably longer review, please contact the professor. Style You can use the American Psychological Association Style, or the Chicago Manual of Style. Please ensure that your review adheres to these guidelines. The Review should be headed with the following information: Author (bolded), Title (italicized). Place of publication: Publisher, year of publication, number of pages (followed by pp.,), cost of book, paper/hardcover, (ISBN number). Here is an example: Kealey, Gregory. Spying on Canadians: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Security Service and the Origins of the Long Cold War. Toronto: University of Toronto, 2017, pp. 276, $38.00 paper, (9781487521585). Content A good book review places the book in the context of issues in the literature to which it belongs, tells the reader what the book is about (including its central thesis), and critically assess its contribution to these issues and that literature. Do not simply list chapters and their contents; instead, emphasize significant themes and issues in the volume. This is especially important for reviewing an edited collection. Please review the book the author has written, not what might have been written. Avoid imputing to the author views, motives, or arguments that are not present in the text, and avoid superfluous criticism (i.e., concerning data that the author could not have obtained, or works to which the author could not possibly have made reference). The principle at stake here is the inability of the author to reply to unfair criticism immediately and the vulnerability of authors to charges of bias when defending their own works. Readers appreciate reviews that are informative and critical, but fair.!2 Than The review should end with the reviewer’s name, institutional…

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