REL2300 if there is no self how can there be reincarnation?

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Answer the questions below. Consider the Buddhist concept of impermanence (no permanent identity). Refer to your class readings and do an internet search to see if you can find answers to the questions below. The questioned were simplified from inquiries posed by the Madhyamakan philosopher, Nagarjuna.

1. If there is no self, how can there be reincarnation? Who is it that will come back in future realities?

2. If there is no self, who is it that is suffering in this reality and who is it that will achieve nirvana?

3. If you do not exist with a permanent identity, can you be held accountable for actions in previous realities (karma)? If there is no self (no permanent identity), how can any self (person) be judged for past, present or future actions?

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