Reflective essay from Effective listening and Followership and servant leadership fundamentals topics

1. Choose two lessons (power point will be provide, lesson 1: effective listening lession 2: followership and servant leadership fundamental) that you feel were the most useful or important to you as a leader and explain why. 2. Write an essay for each of the two topics you selected. 3. Explain how you will implement what you learned from the lessons when you return to your military unit. 4. Describe the possible obstacles or barriers to your implementation of what you learned and how you will overcome the obstacles or barriers. 5. Essays should be no less than 500 words and no more than 750 words. 6. No more than 20 words on each sentence and no more than 15 lines in paragraph (except quating) 7. Use Arial, 12 pt font. 8. Need Outline on seperate paper I. Introduction with thesis statement: II. Topic 1 Sentence A. Sub Topic 1 B. Sub Topic 2 or more III. Topic 2 Sentence A. Sub Topic 1 B. Sub Topic 2 or more IV. Topic 3 Sentence A. Sub Topic 1 B. Sub Topic 2 ore more V. Conclusion with restatement of thesis: 9. Intro need to start with: The purpose of this essay is (Thesis) with 3 topics. 10. Conclusion need to state Thesis and 3 topics 11. Try to use easy words

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