Reflection project – Part 2

1- What type of social advocacy best suits your interests? Have you ever engaged in this or other social advocacy before? Provide two local and/or national organizations where you could engage in this type of advocacy? Reflect on these questions in an essay that shows understanding of the key concepts from the week one readings.(250 Words)

I am considered myself Community Activists

2- Choose a health issue that you see as the most significant social problem for the U.S. and for another country. Is this issue the same for both countries? How did you come to your conclusions about the significance of the issue or issues that you choose?(100 Words)

3- What is organizational culture? List and describe the four types of culture in organizations today. How are these culture types instrumental in shaping the culture of an organization?(100 Words)

4- Reflect back to the material covered in the chapters. In at least 250 words, describe the organizational culture of your company. Now identify how your organization compares to these four types of organizational culture. Be specific. (250 Words)

5- What are the state and local governments’ responsibilities regarding public health?(50 words)

6- How do interest groups influence the policymaking process? Provide an example of an interest group and the issue(s) or population they represent. (50 words)