Reflection about group presentation of community

 1- introduction about Gibbs cycle, and group presentation  2- description; what the reflection token about , the topic of presentation ( overuse of analgesics ), and defined the key words. also, talk about my point ( the introduction) how we make and gather the information about the topic.  3- feelings, what do you feel when you collect the information and when you spend you time with colleges and after represent the presentation. 4- evaluation, about time management, challenges between the group with statistics tow or three, how time is affected by performance? /(before and after presentation)  5- analysis, the sign and symptoms of overuse of analgesics with brief explanation, what is my point and talk about it with statistics (my point is the introduction). also, what is the important of activates in group presentation and what is the comment from the students and the teacher.  6- action plan, if you work in future as a leader, what you will do and what is the changes that you will make it. 7- conclusion, what is the change it such as your voice, information, the movement.

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