Red Tide and It’s effects on Florida

 Description PERSUASIVE PROPOSAL AND SOLUTION RESEARCH PAPER Identify a problem affecting our society. Research that problem from MULTIPLE perspectives for balance. Propose and prove a solution to the problem. Florida’s state government should allow Lake Okeechobee to flow through its natural filtration process because the pumping of red tide is causing harm to Florida. Provide supporting claims on why it’s harming Florida, such as the decrease in revenue from tourism, the health issues caused to humans and animals, the closing of beaches from red tide, etc FOR EVERY CLAIM, SHOW A COUNTERCLAIM! FOR EVERY COUNTERCLAIM,WRITE A REBUTTAL! PLEASE SOURCE AND MLA CITE EVERY SOURCE USED. 20 SOURCES IS THE MAX NO LESS THAN 15 SOURCES. REMINDER: TOPICS dealing with gun control or gun-related issues, global warming or global weather-related issues, capital punishment / death penalty, religion, euthanasia, abortion, obesity/food issues, exercise, drugs (legal or illegal), tax laws, alcohol or smoking are NOT ALLOWED. No JUNK science (no “Zombie Apocalypse”). THIS IS ALSO NOT TO BE A SALES PITCH FOR A PRODUCT OR SERVICE!!! The paper MUST contain a clear claim stating a proposal, a counterclaim, a strong rebuttal, and supporting evidence drawn from at least 10 sources, including a mixture of secondary and primary sources. Stick to the facts that are balanced. Neither your opinion nor your faith should be included. Avoid history or background that is not directly connected to your thesis (i.e. a reader does not need the history of the stem cells for a paper on whether or not stem cell research should be continued). No use of A) encyclopedias (in any form), B) sites, C) religious texts, D) the dictionary as a source, E) EDITORIALS or F) NO WIKI-anything. Clearly identify MLA citations throughou

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