Realtionships in Movie

This paper goal is to apply psychological research to specific social situation. The Task is to analyze “relationships” in the movie called “Fences” which directed by Denzel Washington (choose 2 characters from the movie to concentrate on their relationship for the paper, for example: 2 main Characters in the movie). 1) So first watch the movie called “Fences” which directed by Denzel Washington.Then based on Social psychological theory and research use this questions below for the paper about the movie: – What events have caused the relationship events depicted in the movie? What events might follow the events depicted in the movie? What might be the psychological repercussions of the events depicted in the movie for the event participants? 2) Here are the 3 indicate sources which i indicated from the source box to use: -Use a textbook: Miller, Intimate Relationship, 7th or 8th edition of the textbook, and also use 2 relevant journal articles from these journals(cannot be detailed in text!!): – Journal of personality and Social Psychology – Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin – Journal of Experimental Social Psychology – Social Psychology and Personality Science Note: you MAY NOT apply Sternberg’s triangular theory of love in the paper. Also i will upload a sample paper to you in order to help with this paper.

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