Pyschology personality disorder paper due on the 25 by 11am

I don’t know how to handle this Psychology question and need guidance.

Pick one of the 10 personality disorders that you found interesting to write a short research paper about. Your final paper should be 3-5 pages in length, with 1″ margins. It must also have a title page and a references page (not counted in the 3-5 page requirement). Please use APA style for your references and citations. Use the APA style resource sheet that is saved in blackboard if you do not know how to write using APA style. Normally, we would spend some time in class learning APA style. Since that isn’t possible, I am only looking for the basics in your paper (unless you are also currently in Senior Seminar. You should know how to write using APA style!) DO NOT PLAGIARIZE ANY PORTION OF YOUR PAPER FROM ANY SOURCES.

Your paper should include at least the following information:

  • What is your disorder? What is it called? Does it have any other names?
  • What are the symptoms of your disorder? Is it similar to any other disorder?
  • At what age is it usually diagnosed? Does it affect one type of person more than another? (e.g., male vs. female, younger vs. older, certain ethnicities, etc.)
  • How is it generally treated? What is the prognosis with treatment?

And anything else you can find that you think is interesting and helpful. You can use the following sources: our textbook, your abnormal psychology textbook (if you took PSYC 251), the DSM, reputable websites, and any journal articles you can find (no journal articles are required). If you find a site that you want to run by me, feel free to email me the link.

I will grade your paper based on the following:

Title page – 3 points

Accuracy of overall writing (no grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. errors.): 5 points

Overall quality of paper (Does it make sense? Is the material pulled together into a coherent summary of the disorder and interesting research?): 15 points

Did you accurately cite all of your facts? 5 points

Did you include a reference page for all of your sources? 5 points

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