PW151 Writ assay on following topics minimum 2 – 3 pages

Need help with my Environmental Science question – I’m studying for my class.

Writ assay on following topics minimum 2 – 3 pages:

Q. 1. Explain the environmental pollution (air, water, soil and food) health issues in KSA.

Q. 2. Describe the sources and pathways of exposure groups.

Q. 3. Enumerate methods to control and prevent pollution.

Q. 4. How public health policy and environmental law supporting to promote public health?

Guidelines for Assignment Submission:

The font size should be “12”

The font type should be “Times New Roman”

The “Heading” and “Sub Heading” should be Bold

The text color should be “Black”

The text line spacing should be “1.5”

The running text should be “Justified” and “Proper Alignment”

It should follow the “Plagiarism Rules”

The Text concerned proper ”References” APA style

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