Purpose and Scope of project The purpose of this capstone project is to help a Panda Express Restaurant Company located in the Woodlands develop new training materials for them to improve internal communication. It’s is to also facilitate the company’s go



Methods Development Background

For my research my research methodology, I used the Instructional Design Model – ADDIE for constructing instructional modules and training materials for Panda. The reason for this is, ADDIE has been reliable in creating learning material and it is so simple to use to create any kind of learning materials.  The analysis, design, development, implement, and evaluate (ADDIE) model of instructional design is appropriate for the proposed instructional modules and trainingmaterials. The five phases—Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation represent a great guideline for building training and instructional tools.

In the analysis phase, I have discussed the problems that exist at Panda, the goals Ms. Sherry Li and I used to fix this problem via instructional material, what the employee currently know, identify the learner’s skills, identify behaviorism of staff, and other information data. In the design phase, Ms. Sherry Li and I discussed the learning objectives, exercises, lesson planning, and assessment instruments for Panda express. Ms. Sherry Li and I have gone over the planned strategies targeted at attaining the project’s goals. Ms. Sherry Li and I have documented instructional and visual design strategy.

In the development phase, Ms. Sherry Li and I created or assembled the content and revised according to any feedback given. In the implementation phase, Ms. Sherry Li and I implemented learning outcomes, methods of delivery, preparing the facilitators/learners. In the implementation phase, which has 3 parts that are training the instructors, preparing the learners, and arrange thelearning space. Here Ms. Li trained her assistant managers, prepared the learners for the instructional materials, and arrange the learning space where the learning would take place.

In the evaluation phase, Ms. Li showed the materials to her 2 assistant managers and her main cook. She asked them questions regarding the effectiveness or thoughts on the training materials. She wanted to know from her managers if the material is clear or easy to understand. She also asked them about the impact of the material or if they think the materials have helped to reach the store goals. The more people that are asked about the material, the better of an idea one will have to identify the most or least effective parts of the material and improve upon it

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