The purpose of this project is to provide you with an opportunity to develop a media audit in relation to a public relations issue. The media audit should cover a current or emerging public relations issue that an organisation confronts, or will confront in the future. An issue is defined as any problem or condition that affects the survival or operational efficiency of an organisation (DO NOT CHOOSE AN INDIVIDUAL FOR THE MEDIA AUDIT). The media audit should provide a quantitative analysis of the media coverage and recommendations about communication strategy for the management group.

Assessment Description

You are to select an issue for study. The issue could be pertinent to one organisation or many organisations within one of the broad contexts discussed in class (e.g. business/industry, associations/unions, non-profits, government). You should focus on one organisation in your issue brief as representative of the context. (DO NOT CHOOSE AN INDIVIDUAL FOR THE MEDIA AUDIT). You are to track the issue in the media during the course of the semester. You can also access archival data to identify the development of your issue if relevant. Your Media Audit will provide a compilation of the media coverage related to the organisational issue you have selected. You must include ALL articles about your issue for at least 4 media sources in your final Media Audit. You can use AUSTRALIAN NEWSPAPERS, MAGAZINES AND WEBSITES ONLY in your Media Audit. If you choose websites as your sources of media coverage, all articles must be electronic. If you choose a print source, all articles must be paper based. You must provide evidence of the coverage, and this should be in the form of a Media Coverage List. THE ARTICLES LISTED IN THE MEDIA COVERAGE LIST MUST BE PRINTED ON OR AFTER MONDAY 23rd FEBRUARY 2015, and a maximum of 40 is required .

The Media Audit should be composed of five sections:

Please read through the document i have attached for a description of each of these 5 elements which need to be covered. I have also attached a sample media audit but please do not use the same organisation in the sample. This assignment is also based in Australia so only Australian Articles will be acceptable. Please follow all requirements for the assignment in the documents attached. Harvard referencing and in text citation will also be required and no plagiarism. 1500 words plus a reference list.

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