Psy 111-042: FA AY 18-19 Take Home Exam 2 Modules 17-27

1. A friend believes that the five human senses—seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and feeling—are independent from one another and from our judgments of people and the world around us. Explain what is wrong with your friend’s belief.

2. Describe how our capacity for associative learning enables us to anticipate events, develop highly adaptive skills, and replace bad habits with beneficial ones.

3. Detail how emotions impact memory. Provide some real-life examples.

4. Clive Wearing was left with severe memory impairment after a brief illness. His memory span lasts about 60 seconds. What memory functions/skills were preserved? Describe them and give examples. Comment on his quality of life. Do you think his quality of life is good? Give reasons to support your answer. 5. Through engaging in the ‘3 Jar Problem’ in class you were exposed to the real life challenge of obstacles to effective problem solving. There are certain tendencies in human cognition which make it more difficult to find correct solutions to problems. These tendencies include confirmation bias, fixation/mental set, and heuristics. Use your experience in solving the ‘3 Jar Problem’ as examples when defining the aforementioned tendencies. How can you counteract these tendencies? The power point on mindfulness in week 7 is a great place to start.

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