Although Charter Schools are often hailed as positive options to the traditional public school system, many view the rise in charter schools as a major social problem. Opponents argue that Charter Schools lead to self-segregated enclaves that undermine integration.
For our discussion this week, read the section, entitled, “The Debate Over School Choice” (pgs. 267-268) in Chapter 8 and the following article, “Buffalo Was Once a Model for Integration.” Clickhere for a brief overview of Massive Resistance.
1-Do you see any similarity between Charter Schools and the Massive Resistance to school integration of the 60s and 70s? Feel free to research this topic further and share your findings in the discussion.

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2-Take the Self and Society Survey on page 265. Discuss the results of your survey in at least 250 words. How did your answers measure against the survey results? Were you surprised by any of the statistics from the students surveyed?

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3-Insurance carriers SHOULD or SHOULD NOT be able to consider genetic information when determining premiums or services. Support your decision using researched resources and other material.