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Using the backlog you created in 9: Product Backlog create a product burndown chart (Product Burndown charts). The burn down chart should have a correct X and Y Axis. It should contain 3 lines (actual, estimated, and velocity). For actual, randomly change how many story points your team completed in that Sprint. For ideal, pick a story point amount that would have you complete in about 10 Sprints. So if you had 200 total story points your ideal would be 20 story points a sprint.

In modern Software Development, we have given up many of the old project management tools in favor or more agile quick and changing tracking. While project management use to be consumed by things like Gant Charts and exact percentages of completions, these were hard to estimate and often incorrect. The also did not allow for changing requirements and design changes.

SCRUM has adopted the concept of a product burndown chart. It is a much simpler graph that expresses how much time is left until the project is done, how much we are currently completing, and if we are getting more efficient.

The chart contains the following:

  • The Y-axis is the total number of story points for all your user stories
  • The X-Axis is the Sprints/Iterations

Simple Burndown Chart

In the above the lines present

  • Blue: Estimate is an ideal situation. If a team consistently does X amount of story points a sprint, then you will get a constantly decreasing line.
  • Red: Actual/Real Burndown: This is how many story points the team actually has left at this point. Sometimes this goes up and more stories are added to the product backlog during grooming. Realistically this will fluctuate as items come and go from the backlog and as you have holidays and team members out sick.
  • Yellow: The Velocity: This is the amount of story points completed in that Sprint. This is the difference from the total story points coming into the Spring versus what is remaining at the end of the Sprint. If you do the velocity for the Blue estimated line this would be a straight horizontal line since the team does the same effort each week. In an actual situation it often looks like a cos/sin line that waves around a goal velocity. As a team gets better you may see the line slightly increase over the Sprints. This is because the team is getting better at working with each other/ estimating/ or getting to know the product better.

See (Links to an external site.) for more info


[Scrum 101] The Product Burndown Graph (Links to an external site.)[Scrum 101] The  Product Burndown Graph

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