“Property Crime and Typologies Scenario” Please respond to the following: 250 words The scenario…

“Property Crime and Typologies Scenario” Please respond to the following: 250 words

The scenario in Week 6 involved a specific property crime at a local business. Recall the lesson in Week 6 and your notes from the scenario to answer the following questions:

o Determine what kind of property crime has occurred, and explain why you would say that this crime is categorized as such.

o In examining the crime in the scenario, give your opinion on whether the crime committed was done by an amateur or a professional. Identify what type of criminal typology could be applied here based on your lesson notes. Support your answers.
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CRJ105 – Week 6 Scenario Property Crime and Typologies Slide # Slide Title Dialogue 01 Introduction No dialogue 02 Briefing of the In the Elevator Crime Sergeant: We got a call to investigate a breaking and entering here at this office building, and we’re looking for the manager on duty to show us where the break-in occurred and tell us what is known about the incident. Make sure you take good notes, as usual. 03 The Manager In the Office Explains What Happened Manager: Let’s discuss this in our meeting this afternoon. Employee: Okay. Thank you. Manager: Thanks. Sergeant: Good morning, ma’am. I’m Sergeant Jones, and this is my intern. How can we help you today? Manager: Thank you for coming so quickly. I was the first one here this morning, and when I arrived I noticed the rear door of the building was open. I went inside, and nothing seemed to be wrong until I got to my own office. My office locks automatically when the door closes, but when I got here, the door was open, and it didn’t look like it was kicked in or anything. [ Going into office ] So I went inside, and nothing seemed to be out of place. I decided to check my hidden drawer where I hide money in office for safekeeping. Both the desk drawer and the hidden drawer are always locked, but this morning, the drawer was open, and the lockbox containing the money was missing. I can’t see how anyone would have known where it was. I’m the only one that knows. It doesn’t look like the drawer was forced open, but the lock on the drawer looks like it wasjammed with something. Sergeant: No one knows where the lockbox is kept? Manager: No one that I’m aware of. I’m the only one that handles the money. We keep our night receipts in that safe drawer until the morning because we’ve been robbed taking deposits to the bank before. I always make my deposits from the previous night after I open each day. Sergeant: Has anyone been fired recently, someone…

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