project failure

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This is an individual assignment. Each student is to find an example of something that failed (could be by deformation or fracture) at home, an automobile repair shop, a machine shop, on campus, look around, take pictures and complete the following template for a “preliminary case study”. This is NOT a web search for a case study. You can use the web to find explanations for your failed part or system, but you MUST be able to examine and take pictures to put in the report.

Brief description of failure (up to 300 words max) – include

Type of object, Typical use, Material (general), and General description of condition (failure) of piece.

Sketch or picture of part, Sketch of failed surface. Label any interesting details.

List the things you would like to know about this failed part that would help you decide what might have contributed to the failure be specific and be comprehensive. Identify those things on the list that you could expect to find evidence of at the macro level for this failure.

Analysis: In visually examining the failed part, what can you identify as “items of interest” that may have contributed to the failure or may explain the failure mechanism(s)? Be specific, use sketches or other info.

If you had enough material to do three specific tests (additional tests in some cases), what would they be and what would you look for?

Summarize briefly (no more than 300 words)

How you think this part failed and why, include a brief discussion of what would reduce the uncertainty of your analysis


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