I want you guys to continuemy project (TTs030314_53165_40), and i will provide you an example for the project that my prof sent it to. Be sure that you can tie in some of the leisure theories/concepts… please see attached.
Here is the instruction
Students will systematically observe leisure behaviors in a recreation setting and draw some conclusions from what is observed. Students may work alone or in groups no more than three. A written plan must be submitted and approved by the instructor before the observations can occur. The written plan must include:
a. Purpose – overall goal, composed of two parts 1) what you wish to learn, confirm, disprove or demonstrate and 2) who might be able to use what you learned and for what purpose.
b. Objectives – specific statements or tasks you will accomplish to achieve your purpose; begin with the word “to.” Objectives should be measureable and state which information you will need to meet your purpose.
c. Types of behaviors to be observed. (see readings for ideas). Be specific! You can’t observe what you can’t define. Behaviors may include areas of Fitness, TV, Social, Solitary, Play, Dance, etc.
d. Where the observation will take place.
e. The dates and hours of observation (each group must conduct a minimum of 10 hours of observation)
f. How you will conceal the purpose of your presence.
g. The form you will use to record what you observe
Once the observation has been completed, you will hand in:

  1. All of the recording forms
  2. A written summary of your findings, which includes summary tables and/or charts and a discussion of your findings using terminology and concepts from this course. Discuss how your findings might be used to change the design of management of the place or program in which you did your observation
  3. You will also give an 10-minute oral presentation (power point) of your findings, which includes recommendations for improvements in design and/or management of the recreation facility or program in which you did your observation.
    The points for this project are distributed as follows:
    A. Written Plan (20 Points)
    B. Forms and written summary with tables/charts (80 Points)
    C. Oral Presentation (20 Points)