Project 6 1

1-Of the topics discussed throughout the semester, think about what you have learned or felt and give feedback on the issues that have been most significant to you.

Have you changed or bolstered your opinion on any issues that we have discussed throughout the semester as a result of the things you have learned (e.g. your readings, research, threaded discussions, etc.)? Explain and give examples.

(100 Words)

Could be about Problems of Inequality as:

Race, Ethnicity, and immigration

2- Final Project

For the Final Project, you will create a Photo Essay that includes sections for each topic from the past ten weeks. You will include a description of the social problem, explain the relevancy of this issue while providing a photo-either personally taken or retrieved from a proper resource. For each topic, you will include at least 100 words for the description. Your project should also include an introductory letter that explains your perspective on social problems and how we can alleviate them.

About Sexual Orientation and the struggle for equality

3- Why is diagnosis so vital in organizational change programs? Explain the concept of organizational intervention and why organizational change itself can be considered an intervention.

(100 Words)

4-Reflect back to the material covered in the entire course. In at least 250 words, answer the following questions:

What areas of this entire Organizational Behavior course did you find most interesting, informative and helpful to you?

How will you implement these areas in your personal life and/or career? Be descriptive in your response.

Could be about

Behaviors within organizations: Groups and Interpersonal Influences