1-Read the following article on Proposition 8here. Also, review the Gay Marriage Maphere.

Answer the following questions: Do you believe that the federal government will create further national LGBT protections in the near future? What were the issues in the Proposition 8 Case and how did the Supreme Court address the social problem? (100 words)

2-In what ways has the struggle for equality impacted your life? How do these personal experiences help you relate to the struggles of others? (250 words)

3-What is leadership? Describe the differences between transactional leadership and transformational leadership.(50 Words)

Describe an example or a situation when each one would be considered appropriate to use in the workplace?(50 words)

4-Reflect back to the material covered in the chapters. Review the Hersey-Blanchard Situational Leadership Model on page 331.
Based on the four styles that make up this model, identify and in at least 250 words describe your main style of leadership and provide evidence and examples to support your style.

(250 words)

5-How has the Affordable Care Act changed or impacted the Medicaid and Medicare programs? Provide references to support your discussion. (50 Words)

How satisfied are Americans with healthcare options, compared to citizens of other countries? Use articles and journals to support your discussion.(50 words)