Project 3 is a persuasive essay written in response to multiple persuasive readings.

 Locate explicit textual information, draw complex inferences, and describe, analyze, and evaluate the information within and across multiple texts of varying lengths.Comprehend and use vocabulary effectively in reading and writing.Identify and analyze the audience, purpose, and message.Describe and apply insights gained from reading.Compose a variety of texts that demonstrate reading comprehension, clear focus, logical development of ideas, and use of appropriate language that advance the writer’s purpose.Determine effective approaches and rhetorical strategies for a reading and writing situation.Generate ideas and gather information relevant to the topic and purpose, incorporating the ideas and words of other writers in student writing using established strategies.Evaluate relevance and quality of ideas and information in recognizing, formulating, and developing a claim.Develop and use effective reading and revision strategies to strengthen the writer’s ability to compose college-level writing assignments.Recognize and apply the conventions of Standard English in reading and writing. Students are then required to compose a claim, and write a multiple paragraph essay supporting that claim. Their claim must include external research from a minimum of two sources, and that material must be documented using MLA formatting and citation style.The Effective Reader/Writer Mother,

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