Professional emails,Forum Posts All forum topic posts are due by Friday at 11:59pm. All forum response posts are due by Sunday at 11:59pm. Assignment #1: Professional Email Assignment- Due: Sunday, October 21, 2018 by 11:59pm To test your knowledge of aud

Forum Posts
All forum topic posts are due by Friday at 11:59pm. All forum response posts are due by Sunday at 11:59pm.
Assignment #1: Professional Email Assignment- Due: Sunday, October 21, 2018 by 11:59pm
To test your knowledge of audience and writing to different audiences about the same topic, you
will produce two half- to one-page long emails, single-spaced.
This assignment gives you practice writing to separate audiences by using a workplace scenario.
The Audience
Although the instructor is the actual reader, your primary, secondary, and gatekeeper audiences
are defined by the scenario and should be made clear in your assignment. In other words, don’t
address either email to me!
For this assignment, you are writing two emails: one to your boss and one to a client or patient,
depending on your major (see scenarios below). Think about what to include and what to leave
out in each message. What questions would you ask yourself about each audience? What terms can you use for each
audience? What does each audience already know? What do they want to know or want to hear?
The Scenario
This morning, you discovered that your coworker, John, has made another MAJOR error which
has resulted in a significant problem for your company. Here are a couple examples you can
choose from:
 A delay in a project. Due to John’s actions, the deliverable your company had due to a client will be delayed by
one week. (Recommended for Business and Liberal Studies majors.)
 A billing issue. Due to John’s actions, the customer, who thought their account was paid in full, will be getting a
bill because they actually owe the practice more. (This can be a medical billing issue, a customer billing issue,
etc.; Recommended for Business and Psychology majors.)
 Another issue that is relevant to your field.
John has been reprimanded before—both in informal face-to-face meetings and formally in the annual performance
review cycle. You have confronted John about the most recent error. The two of you have figured out the problem and
have developed a plan for moving forward. As team lead, you need to email your boss and let him know about John’s
actions, the problem, and the solution. You also need to email your client/customer/patient about the problem and
Although you will be writing two separate emails for this assignment, please submit them in a single Word document for
grading. Write two emails, one directed to your client and one directed towards your supervisor.
At the start of each email, include the following header information:
To: Individual’s name
From: Your name
Subject: Your Subject, which should be descriptive and different for each of your
Begin Email Here
Again, as you write the two emails, think back to your readings on audience. The two emails should be different, as you
have two different audiences with different needs. Is it acceptable to share details of John’s mistake with the client?
With your boss? What sorts of details should you include about the delay in an email to your client? What about your
Document Design
Remember, headings, lists, and white space are all helpful in an email!
Why do we do this?
The reason we use this assignment is to improve your email writing skills and your audience analysis and adaptation
skills. Focusing on the different needs of your readers will serve you well in your current and future workplaces. In
addition, delivering negative news is difficult. Practicing in a low-stakes environment allows an opportunity to improve
skills in this difficult task.
Grading Checklist
Go through this checklist for each email prior to submitting your assignment.
• Did you use a proper subject line as described above?
• Do you have an appropriate salutation?
• Do you state the problem clearly?
• Do you include appropriate information for your audience?
• Are you clear and concise?
• Do you offer solutions?
• Do you use document design (the to, from, and subject lines above, headings, white space, lists where appropriate,
• Does your email end appropriately for your audience?
• Do you end with a closing and your name?
• Do your emails lack typographical, spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors?

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