Problems in Health Care.

 Write a  paper that makes a claim about a specific healthcare issue. It is not enough to say that health care is in a poor state; propose a new idea or bring to light an issue unique to your paper. Find credible sources that help you argue your thesis statement. Three sources must be included in your paper and a bibliography will be required. Consider the credibility of your sources carefully before including them. or a source of poor or unknown reputation will not serve your paper well. The smartest plan is to find your sources before you commit to a specific argument. A direct and specific thesis statement with three supporting reasons. A unique claim for your argument—seek approval for your thesis statement before you submit your paper. Consider both the “they say” to which you are responding and your “I say.” 3 quoted sources, including an objection that could challenge your view. Any statistical information you use must be part of your works cited page. All of your sources must be credible, so look at them carefully.

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