Need help with my Probability question – I’m studying for my class.

Search the news, or online articles and sites to find the term “probability” (likelihood, odds, and expected outcome are also acceptable terms rather than “probability”). Locate two examples, one where you believe it is used correctly and one that you think seems fishy. Post your sources as a reference. No need to explain the articles, or how the term is used because that will be done in our response later in this module. To help improve your critical thinking skills when it comes to the news and daily events. Not to just accept everything at face value.

Your initial post should contain links to two articles that use the term “probability”. You should find one example where you think the term is used correctly, and one example where you think the person uses it wrong. Do not indicate which example is which, that will be left for your peers in the discussion response at the end of this lesson.

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