Privitisation of health system

 Description Rough draft: rop box by the due date given above. At this point, it is expected that you have all the content you will be using in the report. It needs to be in the 4 sections (with titles) stated below. You will not be marked on professionalism (spelling, grammar, etc.) and do not need to have a title page. Your citations and bibliography should be in place but do not yet need to be formatted to proper Chicago style. It is also okay to go over the 1500-word limit. The main purpose of this deliverable to help ensure that teams have sufficienttime to complete their polished final copy. You will not receive feedback on the rough draft prior to the final deliverable date.C. Report (9 marks)The structure of the report and the evaluation criteria will be as follows (you mustuse these 4 headingstitles in the report): 1. OVERVIEW – Topic overview and why you chose the topic. (2 mark)Evaluation Criteria – Section provides an excellent overview of information in the report. Clearly identifies the report purpose (identify the question you are trying to answer). Provides direction on the key areasof focus within the report and clearly explains the logic for this focus (so explains why you chose these areas of focus). 2. RESEARCH & ANALYSIS – What you found in your research and analysis. (6 marks)Evaluation Criteria – Section discusses the key finding of your research efforts (properly cited), and then effectively identifies and analyzes key factors and the impact to Canadian business. Ideas are developed and supported with enough detail to achieve the intended purpose of the communication. I’m looking for demonstrated ability to incorporate course content (be sure to cite our text book) where applicable and to synthesize ideas.This is a research-based report so all of your key points must be backed with proof. You can state what you conclude based on your research but it Page 2 of 6 must be logically supported by solid and balanced facts.Avoid making unsupported assumptions.Facts will include information gathered by reputable sources (not Wikipedia). You may also use the opinions of experts but all biased (one sided) opinions should be balanced with counter arguments from other experts. These facts and expert opinions must be properly citedin your report so that they can easily be verified. An appendix is not required but if you have done a detailed analysis (such as a SWOT or PEST) then it would be a good idea to include this in the appen

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