Preparing for Skill-Development Exercise 1 Below are three situations. For each situation, select…

Preparing for Skill-Development Exercise 1 Below are three situations. For each situation, select the most appropriate influencing tactic(s) to use. Write the tactic(s) on the lines following the situation. At this time, don’t write out how you would behave (what you would say and do).

  1. You are doing a college internship, which is going well. You would like to become a full-time employee in a few weeks, after you graduate. Which influencing tactic(s) would you use? Who would you try to influence? How would you do so (behavior)?
  2. You have been working at your job for six months, and you are approaching the elevator. You see a powerful person who could potentially help you advance in your career waiting for the elevator. You have never met her, but you do know that her committee has recently completed a new five-year strategic plan for the company and that she plays tennis and is active at the same religious organization (church, synagogue, mosque) as you. Although you only have a couple of minutes, you decide to try to develop a connection. Which influencing tactic(s) would you use? How would you strike up a conversation? What topic(s) do you raise?
  3. You are the manager of the production department. Some of the sales staff has been scheduling deliveries for your product that your department can’t meet. Customers are blaming you for late delivery. This is not good for the company, so you decide to talk to the sales staff manager about it over lunch. Which influencing tactic(s) would you use? How would you handle the situation (behavior)? Now select one of the three situations that seems real to you—-you can imagine yourself in the situation. Or briefly write in a real-life situation that you can quickly explain to a small group. Now, briefly write out the behavior (what you would do and say) that you would use in the situation to influence the person to do what you want. Situation # Or, my situation: Influencing tactic(s) to use: Behavior: Doing Skill-Development Exercise 1 In-Class Objective To develop your persuasion skills by using influencing tactics. The primary AACSB learning standard skills developed through this exercise are analytic and strategic management skills—-students learn to achieve their goals by influencing others. Experience You will discuss which influencing tactics are most appropriate for the preparation situations. You may also be given the opportunity to role-play how you would handle the one situation you selected; you will also play the role of the person to be influenced, and observer. Procedure 1 (10–20 minutes) Break up into groups of three, with one or two groups of two if needed. Try not to have two members in a group who selected the same situation; use people who selected their own situation. First, try to quickly agree on which influencing tactics are most appropriate in each situation. Select a spokesperson to give group answers to the class. In preparation to role-play, have each person state the behavior selected to handle the situation. The others give feedback for improvement: suggestions to delete, change, and/or add to the behavior (e.g., I would not say . . . , I’d say it this way . . . , I’d add . . . to what you have now). Procedure 2 (5–10 minutes) One situation at a time, each group spokesperson tells the class which influencing styles it would use, followed by brief remarks from the professor. The professor may also ask people who selected their own situation to tell the class the situation. Conclusion The instructor may lead a class discussion and/or make concluding remarks. Apply It (2–4 minutes) What did I learn from this exercise? How will I use this knowledge in the future? Sharing In the group, or to the entire class, volu

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