Prepare an in-depth analysis of two case studies for the assignment

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Assignment 2 (Case study 3 & 4) will worth 19 marks: The answers should be very detailed and well explained as much as you can. AVOID PLAGIARISIM because plagiarized work will be marked with ZERO

Case Study 3: Driving Ari Fleet Management with Real-Time Analytics

1) Why was data management so problematic at ARI? (2 Mark)

2) Describe ARI’s earlier capabilities for data analysis and reporting and their impact on the business. (2 Mark)

3) Was SAP HANA a good solution for ARI? Why or why not?

(2 Mark)

4) Describe the changes in the business as a result of adopting HANA. (2 Mark)

Case Study 4: Zappos

1) Define SCM and how it can benefit Zappos. (2 Mark)

2) Explain CRM and why Zappos would benefit from the implementation of a CRM system. (2 Mark)

3) Demonstrate why Zappos would need to implement SCM, CRM, and ERP for a connected corporation. (2 Mark)

4) Analyze the merger between Zappos and Amazon and assess potential issues for Zappos customers. (2 Mark)

5) Propose a plan for how Zappos can use Amazon’s supply chain to increase sales and customer satisfaction. (3 Mark)