PR agency: Develop a public relations plan

Assuming that you are the manager of a PR agency and you have been approached by a client to initiate a Public Relations Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Campaign – The casino operator that you group has been assigned in project#1.Sun city of Macau)


Part I – PR Plan

Each group of students is required to develop a public relations plan to reinforce its concern for CSR. The PR plan should contain the following eight elements:


1. Situation (

This is a summary of your PR research findings in Project #1. It should address the current problems of your client company which is Sun city that we did in last order. That is, you should identify and illustrate which of the CSR areas(s) that your client company has not adequately performed.

Please check it back the transcript and report that we did last time and I will upload into material box , You can use bullet point and simple parapghase to show it, please not excess 150 words,But it is not the same with project#1)


2. Objectives

What you want to do to overcome the problem. Remember, there are two types of objectives – Informational and Motivational( Each of one are 150 words) . These two objectives should be considered in this project. Please note that the objectives should be realistic, achievable and measurable.


3. Stakeholders and Target Audience

Who are the targeted stakeholders that you want to reinforce your CSR activities and who are the audience that you need to channel your message to? You should consider their demographic characteristics such as gender, age, income level, profession, social groups, etc.( 100 words )


4. Strategies

A strategy is a broad statement describing how an objective is to be achieved. It provides guidelines and key message themes for the overall program. Please be reminded that this project has strong emphasis on your strategies and please provide at least Two of them.(  400 words in total )


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