poster and fact sheet

Product 1—Poster

Prepare a poster of any communicable disease choice, outlining the disease and its critical communicable elements. The poster content and layout will include at least 5 epidemiological questions that need to be asked in a disease outbreak. You may use PowerPoint or Microsoft Word as your format. Save your poster in a PDF document using your last name-poster. For example: FentonPoster.pdf

Product 2—Fact Sheet

Create a fact sheet about this disease that has affected your community. Using guidance from the textbook and other scholarly references (such as evidenced based practices regarding this disease) AND information obtained from the Center for Disease Control. This fact sheet may be artistically designed (APA format not required); however, there should be an APA 6th edition formatted reference page, all references should be listed in APA format, and include an APA 6th formatted title page.