post-medieval Arthurian representation of your choice

 1.)Write your topic proposal for Essay Three. Proposals should be @ 125 words long. 2.). Write your essay Here is a description of Essay Three: Our final essay is on a post-medieval Arthurian representation of your choice. You can choose one or more Arthurian-themed novels, films, comic strips, digital games, cartoons, collectibles, visual arts, etc. You must begin with a definition of medievalism. You can use the definitions on the Medieval Electronic Multi-media Organization website or from the articles  posted to our website. You can construct your own definition, but you must draw from these or other reputable scholarly sources (and be sure to reference them). Also, you must actively reference at least one medieval work that we have read this semester as it relates to the post-medieval work. Goals: Explore how the form of popular culture adopts and adapts the Arthurian legend. What elements are retained? What elements are transformed to suit a modern audience? Why? If you would like, you can expand on the ideas from your first or second essay to explore how a character or motif has evolved in today’s popular culture.

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