Popular Music Final Paper

I need an explanation for this Communications question to help me study.

The final project, a critical playlist, is a chance for you to engage in greater detail with an issue or topic that is of interest to you. It should build on your Midterm. You will select a specific theme discussed in this course, or one that is closely related to our course themes. You will then compile a playlist of 6–8 songs that speak to the playlist’s overall theme in different ways, i.e. the songs all have a distinct role to play. In notes for each song (250–300 words per song), you will employ concepts drawn from class readings (and, potentially, other texts) to explain how these songs relate to the playlist’s overall theme, as well as to each other.

The playlist’s theme is the environment. All songs will be related to the environment, and I have a mid term paper/ readings to help reference what to build off of.

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