You will write a 7 page double-spaced (about 1800 words) paper about your topic. The paper should be an in-depth written analysis of your topic, with your evaluation of those different arguments and positions. The best papers will have both a negative and positive component to their evaluation (e.g., you will both attack other arguments and devise your own.) Thus, the key difference between your paper and presentation is that in your paper, but not your presentation, you will weigh in with your own opinions about the topic you’ve chosen. You must discuss both sides of the argument and answer the questions of why polyamory is wrong or why it is acceptable. She would probably point to some utilitarian argument that if everyone in the situation is consenting, and if there is no jealously felt, then it seems morally permissible because the polyamorous relationship, for some people, would produce more happiness than just being in a relationship with one person. Moreover, she might argue that even if someone feels jealous at some point, that might not outweigh the overall happiness produced by the polyamorous relationship. Be sure to include this position in your final paper in order to make your paper more thorough. 

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